Customized Editing Services


Doesn’t matter if you used our company for your wedding or event, we can handle any editing you might need for your pictures!   We are sharing with you some samples of what you might not like about your pictures and what can be dome to help. Not everyone has the best settings or locations without impossible distractions, and you can’t always blame the photographers for what you are giving them…   but all isn’t lost.

Here is the original picture.  Notice the curtains are super busy, and the air conditioning unit in front of the window.


We talked to our bride about what could be done.. the curtains and the air unit were major distractions, so our first edit … we took out all the distractions..   just removed them completely.



After reviewing this, we all decided that the window needed to stay in the image because, what bride just looks at a wall?  So we took the original image and cut everything else out but the window….



And after reviewing this edit, we felt like the window just appeared to be somewhat fake… although its there, it just didn’t look right in this edit.  So what we did was remove the air unit, and clean up the noise on the curtains to make them appear as one color versus the pattern… and Voila!!  We have our final edited image.


Notice how clean everything looks?!  No matter what the challenge is, we can more than likely give you a better image than was started with, of course, within reason!!!

Our image editing services start at $25.00 per image. Shoot over an email if you have an image you want to clean up! or give us a call in the studio at 215-245-7770

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