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Philadelphia wedding photographer

Are you planning on hiring a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer to shoot your local or destination wedding?

There are several important factors that go into selecting the right wedding photographer to shoot your wedding.  Photographic style, wedding experience, and budget are a few key factors that help in the decision making process, but not the only one’s. Can I trust him/her to capture my wedding day the way I planned it and without hassle? We will approach every couple’s wedding with the same intentions, and that is to provide high-end customer service, an awesome experience and the best photographic images. We will always work with you to provide sound advice and expert opinions to make your day flow smoothly and make you look your best.

On your wedding day the goal is to capture all the meaningful details, the un-rehearsed moments between your family and friends and create Artistic Imagery that will tell the story of your wedding day.

After your wedding, when all is said and done,  and most of the day was just a blur,  you’ll have one thing that will be with you for the rest of your life and that is your wedding photos! That is something you cannot put a price tag on.

The Budget
Yes, weddings can be expensive. Price is always a factor when selecting your Philadelphia wedding photographer, but should not be the determining factor.

With anyone having access to digital cameras,  it’s easy to call yourself a professional photographer these days.  There are so many important things happening on your wedding day and unforeseen events that come up, the last thing you want is someone dropping the ball when an important moment is happening and the shot is missed.  Having an experienced photographer with a great team can make all the difference on your wedding day and with your photos.

Wedding Day Coverage

When selecting a Philadelphia wedding photographer, you generally want to hire them for 8-10 hours for the day.  That will ensure that you will get enough coverage from the “getting ready” of the bride and groom to making sure I will be able to cover all the important events throughout the reception.

2nd Photographer
We are often asked, “do I really need a 2nd photographer on my wedding day”? Our response is, of course!  As a main wedding photographer we can only be in one place at one time and that is generally with the bride and/or groom throughout their day.  Having a 2nd photographer will ensure additional coverage of candid moments, different perspectives and assisting with any other photography requests we can’t attend to.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this.  I hope this helps and gives some insight into helping you decide on your Philadelphia wedding photographer.

Philadelphia wedding photographer



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